ORANGE BALL has been named most innovative Corporate Wellbeing Company in 2022. Our award winning coaching programmes have helped a number of organisations to create a positive culture around positive mental health, wellbeing and performance.

Organisations have made huge strides in discussing areas of mental fitness, mental health and wellbeing. The ORANGE BALL Executive Wellbeing Coaching programmes empower employees to take the next positive steps to move beyond coping to thriving.


ORANGE BALL Coaching programmes support individuals to overcome the day to day stresses life brings at work and beyond. We introduce the science that underpins positive mental health and wellbeing. Applying these tools to the workplace provides individuals with a toolkit to combat and plan to flourish and be more resilient.

People First Leaders

Help new and established leaders to develop the confidence and communication skills to make effective collaborations with external and internal partners. ORANGE BALL Coaching programmes support leaders to unlock positive behaviour change enabling organisations to build a culture of positive mental health, wellbeing and performance in their workplace.