Sak’s approach of one on one discussions throughout the day was very useful in allowing team members space to both share with the group, but also to share only with Sak as needed and take guidance on how to respond to the different tasks and scenarios during the ‘time to think’ activities. I liked Sak’s contributions that discussed some of the theories of team building and working together, but in a subtle enough way to engage all my team throughout the day. I would be delighted to work with Sak again on team development activities. Thank you!

Sophie Dale-Black, British Business Bank

“First of all, I want to thank them for their support during this difficult time. I felt that this was my weekly time to truly be myself openly. Sometimes it was very though, but it was always very rewarding. It also helped me to understand the progress that I already made and what I still need to be the best version of myself”

Senior Scientist, Artios Pharma

Thank you again for taking time to support me and my team yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and to be sure the whole team got something positive from your session. Wellbeing emails floating around throughout the day today.

Lucy Wynn, HSBC UK

Can’t recommend the leadership and wellbeing services of ORANGE BALL enough.

Sufian Miah, COO Shampan Group